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Peep Toe

Peep Toe

High Heel Pumps Strappy Hot Pink Wedding
Sandals for Bride, Bridesmaid

Feature: Peep toe dress sandal featuring strappy
asymmetric upper design, Buckle for convenience .

Fit for Wedding, Evening Party, Prom, Cocktail Party,
Graduation, homecoming and any other Special Occasions.

  • Specifications

    Lifestyle: Casual
    Sole: Rubber
    Closure: Buckle
    Shoe Width: Normal
    Material Type: Leather
    Closure Type:
    Heel Height: 3.5 inch
    Size: UK 6,6.5,7,8,9
    Color: Burgundy, Royal blue, Navy blue, Ivory,
    Hot Pink

  • Description

    High-heeled shoes are made in a huge variety of styles and today,
    they’re pretty much exclusively worn in women’s fashion.

    => Chunky heels are the latest and rather improved form of wedges.
    They are extremely versatile as they offer the cozy comfort of wedges
    along with the sultry and slimming elevation of stiletto heels. Chunky
    heels are edgy and can be paired with a number of looks. Chunky heels
    are available in the form of ankle-boots, sandals, and even knee boots.
    It’s just that they have a chunky block heel. They can quickly upgrade a
    minimalist shoe look and are styled with straps and bows.

    => A kitten heel, just like its name, is a petite, slender, and
    slightly shorter heel. Kitten heels were popularized by the likes of
    Audrey Hepburn, Hillary Clinton, and Michelle Obama. If you’re looking
    for a small boost in height, then kitten heels will work well for you.
    They are typically made of heavy materials and have round toes in the
    front. => Here’s a fun fact about stilettos: they weren’t supposed
    to be for women. Yes, stilettos were created for aristocratic and
    military men back in the old days. Even when they’re associated with
    feminine fashion now, stilettos primarily evolved from Persian riding
    boots that had small heels under them.

    To increase the speed of running, and agility on the battleground, they
    were made to be sharper. It was only during the royal era of King Louis
    XIV, who introduced red heels in his court for women and simultaneously
    disallowed men from wearing them, that they became part of women’s

    And, here we are now. Stilettos, with their sharp heels, are one of the
    most popular footwear styles for women. They are typically made from

    => Spool heels have a bit of an hourglass shape. It’s curvy, thicker
    at the bottom and top than in the center. This curvy-heeled shoe was the
    look of choice among courtiers in Europe, where they were worn by both
    men and women, according to Bodmin Magazine.

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