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Clay Cooking Pot

Clay Cooking Pot

Item: Clay Cooking Pot

Material:  Clay, No chemical Used

Color: Natural Color of Clay After Firing 

Making: Hand-made by Masterly Craftsmen and Women

Finish: Polished by rubbing the Gemstons onto the vessel after Firing

Size: Dia- 20cm  Height- 14cm

Usage: Serving, Cooking

Size can be customized




Clay being alkaline in nature neutralizes the Ph. balance of the food by interacting with the acid present in the food and acts as a natural detox. Earthen pots retain the oil and give moisture to food so you don't add unnecessary fat to make your food tastier. Relive your memories and the taste of spinach, gravies, sambhar, spicy fish, or chicken curry; the taste is exceptional when you cook in unglazed earthen cookware.

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